Information for Tenants

EHV Wonen operates pro bono for tenants. Registration is completely free. You only pay for our services when you’ve secured a home. And, you’re also free register with other agencies at the same time. We’re happy to answer all your questions, so contact us anytime. We also advise you to read this page to discover all you need to know about finding a home with us.
Finding your new home
Begin your search for a new home by registering with EHV Wonen. Do this by filling in our Registration Form. We’ll use your completed form to search for housing options best matching your needs. Timing can also be very important when house-hunting, so ensure you stipulate timelines on the form, so we can do our best to meet your requirements.
Please note that we’ll only begin our search once we’ve recieved a completed registration form. Phone, email or visit us, to access our free registration form, or click on this link for registration now. Remember, registration is free, and you only pay for our services once you’ve secured a home.
Securing a home
We’ll arrange property viewings for listings you like, and after you’ve seen a home that’s right for you we’ll ask you to sign a ‘Letter of Intent’. We’ll then introduce you to the landlord and when they’ve accepted you as a tenant, we’ll prepare a rental agreement for you. 
Rental agreements
Rental agreements arranged by EHV Wonen are based on the ROZ (Council property model). We’ll provide you with a draft agreement and advise you on how to modify it to best suit your needs. 
Settling in
EHV Wonen will make an inspection report on the home before you move in. And, we’ll also ensure your landlord fulfills any commitments they’ve made regarding the state of the property and changes to be made to it as specified by you on the rental agreement.
Relationship management
You can contact us anytime during your tenancy to have us mediate between you and your landlord should any issues arise. We’ll always do our best to ensure a positive outcome is reached for both parties. And, our mediation service is free for as long as is reasonably possible during a dispute.

Brokerage Fee
All you pay for our services is a one-time  brokerage fee. This fee is equivalent to one-month’s rent of the property plus 21% VAT. And, you only pay when you’ve secured a home. 

The brokerage fee, which includes the preparation of the rental agreement (normally amounting to € 300, + 21% VAT), also covers the inspection report, key transfer and the use of any of our other services for the entire rental period, until your departure from the property. Please note that any additional monthly property/building service charges, or similar, will also be included in the calculation of our brokerage fee. These and all our service conditions can be read on our registration form <download form link>. 

Brokerage Fee Discount  for short-term rentals
We have homes available for short-term rent, where payment terms will vary. Brokerage fee discounts are available for short duration accommodation. Talk to us to find out whether your intended rental time-term qualifies you for a discount.
Download our Tenant Agreement.