Information for Companies

Finding suitable rental accomodation, whether short- or long-term, for your employees and contractors can be a costly exercise in terms of managerial time and effort.   

EHV Wonen’s performance-based, pro-bono service can assist you to efficiently deal with rental accomodation issues. We offer a comprehensive package featuring a one-time brokerage fee paid only after we’ve secured appropriate housing, within suitable timeframes, as approved by you. 
We take the effort out of locating employee accomodation by:
  • taking the entire search process off your hands. We’ll find available properties most closely matching your specifications and requirements for short- or long-term and both furnished or unfurnished accomodation. 
  • arranging a shuttle service for consultation and property viewing.
  • providing detailed inspection reports and managing inventory lists.
  • providing local advice and guidance on rental agreements.
  • negotiating on your behalf, and liaising, where necessary, between your company and the property owner.
Strong relationships
Our large database of properties is constantly updating and can vary daily. Companies registered with us can recieve a weekly newsletter detailing new listings as they come to hand. We also offer fixed discounts on fees for our regular clients, and we’ll work to tailor our services to meet your company’s individual needs.

Getting started with EHV Wonen
Getting started with EHV Wonen is as easy as registering with us by filling out our Registration Form, or simply phoning or emailing us. We’ll use the requirements you stipulate on the form to present accommodation and service package options best matching your company’s needs. 

One-time performance-based fee
Your company only pays for our services once we’ve secured accomodation approved by you. Our services are charged in the form of a one-time only brokerage fee. This fee is equivalent to one-month’s rent of the property plus 21% VAT. 

Our brokerage fee, which includes the preparation of the rental agreement (normally amounting to € 300, + 21% VAT), also covers items such as the inspection report and inventory list, key transfer and the use of any of our other services for the entire rental period until your employee’s departure from the property. Please note that any additional monthly property/building service charges, or similar, will also be included in the calculation of our brokerage fee. These and all our service conditions can be read on our registration form.

Fee Discounts for regular customers and short-term rentals 
We’re happy to arrange fixed-fee discounts for regular company clients and also offer discounts for short-term rentals. Contact us to find out whether your intended rental time-term qualifies your company for a discount. 

Special service agreements and packages
We’re ready to talk anytime about how we can tailor our service to meet your company’s special requirements.  Contact us to specify your ideal employee accomodation service package and see what we can offer.